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Friday, January 19, 2018
4:32:38 P.M.
Third party freight shipping logistics, management, payment, auditing, reporting, and administrative services, domestic and international Freight Traffic, Incorporated

Managing Freight

Freight Traffic, Inc. saves our clients thousands of dollars annually in freight traffic expenses. We provide professional transportation management experience to reduce your transportation expenses using our freight management controls and accurate and professional audit programs. We meet regularly with our selected carrier group, holding each vendor partner accountable for on-time service performance.

Freight Auditing

Freight Traffic, Inc. expertly audits each and every bill with a professional auditor, applying our extensive knowledge of the transportation industry to provide you with unsurpassed service and professionalism. Last year alone, Freight Traffic, Inc. was able to reduce one client's transportation budget by 2.2 million dollars.

Administrative Expenses

Paying freight bills internally often results in employees spending endless hours processing bills, carrier payments, and fielding inquiries from carriers and customers requesting payment or shipment status information. Eliminate these problems and additional operating expenses by letting Freight Traffic, Inc. pay and audit your freight bills. All carrier billing is handled by our corporate office, where each and every bill is professionally audited. Once a week your company will receive a customized, detailed report showing current freight payment account balances. Funds can be electronically wired to your Freight Payment account, allowing your staff to focus on core business concerns.

Continuous Process Improvement

The transportation service industry is changing each and every day. Freight Traffic, Inc. is constantly training our staff in the ever-changing transportation environment. Staying in tune with these changes allows us to provide our clients added value and benefits with each and every shipment, large or small.

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